A Taste for the Classics

So, you have a taste for the Classics?

Then grab a napkin, dear Bibliophile, because here’s something you can really sink your teeth into. A Taste for the Classics is a tasty fusion of the world’s most beloved works of literature and timeless, mouth-watering sandwiches that’s sure to please even the most perspicacious of palettes. Prepare yourself for a call to adventure of the Epicurious kind as you cross the threshold of tastiness and journey from ordinary mealtime to extraordinary culinary experience that will leave your mouth (and mind) saying “More, please.” 

In this story, the hero is the hero, the supporting characters – your favorite condiments – and the only antagonist is an empty plate. So, whether you’re a literary scholar, Sunday morning book worm, or anyone in between, you’ll find a recipe for all tastes and genres.

 Have an appetite for romance? Try Sloppy Joe and Juliet, a saucy tale of bun meets girl that’s sure to make even the most well-read Shakespeare enthusiasts swoon with delight. Maybe action-adventure is more your style. Immerse yourself in gouda old-fashioned revenge with The Countless Monte Cristos. And no literary canon would be complete without Pride and Prej-au jus because let’s face it, hungry people are not always wise. There’s also sides, salads, and desserts (can you say Banana Karenina and not smile?).

So, go on, quote Hemingway; cite Vonnegut; name-drop Steinbeck to impress your not-so-smart-friends. Bookmark the page and be sure to come back for seconds. 

The Tell-Tale Tart

The Tell-Tale Tart

Edgar Allan Poe’s uniquely stylistic short story is not recommended for those who are very dreadfully nervous or have hardwood floors. The story begins with an unnamed narrator trying to convince the reader he’s not insane while describing a grisly murder he’s committed.


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